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Help, I am stuck under a pile of papers and I can’t get up

 The worst thing about coming home is taking care of all the niggly little things that have been piling up for months. I won’t whine about them here.  Give me a call if you like to hear people b* and moan. However, as I am digging through piles of papers looking for ‘this and that’ I come across this birthday card from the past. Funny thing is that more than one person has sent the same card to me.  I told you my sense of humor is quite sophisticated. Real highbrow stuff and those who know me are aware of it.  I think I will frame the card which is shown below. 


Another coinkidink- Giselle bought a pair of sandals from e-bay. Hold on, that’s not the coincidence part.  The seller is half of the VW Vagabonds. The who-what-now? Go to their web page at  They are a couple who were on the road for three years in a VW van and there are similarities to our journeys. They have many beautiful pictures on their site which is entertaining and informative.

Come on, that’s pretty random isn’t it?








One Response to “Help, I am stuck under a pile of papers and I can’t get up”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Dan, I think I gave you that card a while back. You do seem to be going a bit crazy…is it the paperwork, the suits and ties that you are buying, or the U.S.?

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  3. Jules Says:

    that’s funny…hee hee hee…the kid in the card said, “lake”

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  5. Gatt Maffney Says:

    Here’s an amazing shot of Potosi:

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