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Going to ruins

Experiencing minor technical difficulties. Please stand by for more pictures and stories. We are in Tulum, on the Caribbean coast. We’ll be heading south and then inland to cross the border into Guatemala.

Meanwhile, in recent days we’ve visited the city of Merida and ruins galore. One of the things we did in Merida was visit El Diario de Yucatan (newspaper). We were very warmly received by the staff. They wrote an article about us:
Click here to see it.

Also heard a wonderful concert of trova music for free! Love Mexico.


One Response to “Going to ruins”

  1. Lonnie Bruner Says:

    Just make sure you have the three most important things: a pack of No Doz, a bottle of Mezcal, and a 12 gauge scatter gun. Otherwise, you’re screwed.

  2. Posted from Argentina Argentina
  3. Dan Says:

    Hi Damon,
    Thanks for the tips. Uh, well, I had better leave the shotgun in the cabana since the po-lice around here frown upon such things. Actually, they have a bunch of military checkpoints around. Most of the time they wave us through, but other times they have a little look see in the old truck.

  4. Posted from Mexico Mexico