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Hvar: Balcony, anyone?

Saturday, September 24th, 2005

The ferry ride across the Adriatic from Pescara to Stari Grad, on the Croatian island of Hvar, was fairly uneventful. It did, however bring back flashes of a nasty childhood memory. As the boat began to rock back and forth with the swell, slowly churning my stomach like a washing machine in slow motion, I thought of the time when I was about 11 years old, and went to Tasmania, off the Southern coast of Australia, with my family. We caught what was, at the time, a brand new huge catamaran ferry that turned the previously overnight trip across Bass Strait into a four hour cruise. The Sea Cat, it was called. An impressive looking vessel, for sure. The huge swells that day though turned the four hours into about seven. You know those scenes in movies when huge waves are crashing onto the boat, and you’re like, yeah, as if, well that actually happens – massive swells were smashing into the windows half way up the boat. The majority of the people on board, and I seriously mean the majority, were throwing up. My brother and I renamed the boat The Spew Cat.

The ferry to Stari Grad, thankfully, did not get that bad though, and four hours after leaving Italy, we docked in Croatia.

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