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Prague: Hockey, man.

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

The rumour was that Prague is horribly overrun with tourists, so I was preparing to be knocking about shoulder to shoulder with idiot Europeans wandering in packs following a guide with a raised umbrella like sheep following, well, another sheep. It´s funny on this trip the impact that expectations have had on my experiences. And I guess that´s something that relates to all aspects of life, not just travelling.

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Czech: Earning a living

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

It had to happen eventually, and I guess it started when we got to Krakow and some friendly person decided I would be better off surviving an Eastern European winter with a shitty windcheater rather than my toasty warm fleece, and kindly swapped them when I wasn’t looking. The amazing luck we’d been blessed with so far on this little trip could not continue, and so, with a lack of connecting trams passing our hostel on Thursday morning, we walked to the bus station and arrived at 8.35am, five minutes after our 8.30am bus left for the Czech border. Bugger.

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