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Swoyambu: Lacking the essentials

Monday, May 7th, 2007

During my first week in Nepal, the most important lesson I learnt was this: attempting to register a peaceful night’s slumber whilst simultaneously clencing one’s butt-cheeks to prevent diarrhoea-related anal leakage is even more difficult than it sounds!

I learnt this lesson whilst sleeping in a house that had a squat toilet and no running water.

Thank fuck the kids are cute!

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Dhaulagiri: Part of the Family

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

We met Conor on the afternoon of Sunday Arpil 22nd. After spending three days in Thamel, the backpacker district of Kathmandu (which is hardly Kathmandu at all, given it’s Western style bars, trekking stores, travel agents and internet cafes), it was time to head out to the orphanage.

It was sort of strange meeting Conor, given that Bec and I had been reading his travel blog for a couple of years now, and that we’d been in regular email contact for the previous five or six months. But as he took us on a tour around the orphanages, we hit it off like the old buddies we felt.

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