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changing a “coffee” into a “coffee to go”

hello and thanks for the comments so far.
i have only been in this place for 24 hours and it already feels kind of familiar.
i was happy to feel the temperatures rising during the day but as soon as the sun goes away i feel like in sibiria…strange thing is my flat is even colder than it is outside.
so what happened today?
in the moning we had the first meeting with mike, laura and philip. mike is the boss and project coordinater. laura is his girlfriend. she’s spanish (jippie, i can practise spanish!) and philip works for another NGO working in Eco-schools. Laura as well works with Philip. Main task was to get the new term planned and come up with ideas what we could do in different theme weeks…A lot for me to start with, since i hadn’t even seen the school (still haven’t…). But it went okay and i have a good feeling about it.
Then Mike and myself headed to East London. I was able to buy food for myself. I am the only volunteer right now because the term will only start next week. So went to a mall, bought food, a little heater, a hot water bottle and a warm jumper. maybe i should get a fleece pijama as well :). the i went for coffee…when i got the coffee after witing for it for about 10 mins, mike had arrived to pick me up from the mall. so i asked the waitress to pour it into a paper cup so i could take it with me…that caused incredible confusion because they couldn’t find a matching top for the cup. another 10 mins later i had a cup, new coffee and a top on it which was too big. mikes comment on this: “welcome to south africa”…what made me realize once again that i am actually back! woooohooooooo!

Then came back to cintsa, strolled on the beach and explored the village. there is not much in the village, one bar, one shop…that’s about it. but east london is only 30 mins away so it’s not a problem.

The evenings here are still a bit lonely as there is not so much to do and my house is empty. it is dark around 6, so the nights are pretty long now. there are parties at the backpacker hostel in the village which is about 15 mins across the lagoon. but alone it’s a bit weird to go there. will check it out some night if i get bored.

cintsa is a safe place i think. during the day it’s not a problem at all. at night the beach becomes a bit dodgy, especially for girls alone. so i will just stay home and entertain myself until the other people arrive which will be on sunday or monday i think.

hope it stops raining in switzerland…you really deserve a summer!



click on the small images to see some beautiful pictures of chintsa beach!

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0 responses to “changing a “coffee” into a “coffee to go””

  1. Jocelyn says:

    how can i see ur pictures?

  2. Isa says:

    hey bella!
    du hesch es ja schön, i möcht o u gärn wider mau chli weg vo bern u so viu interessants erläbe wi du… wenigstens isch itz ds wetteer ändlech chli besser!
    i ha mi grad für ne spontane coiffeurbsuech entschide u warte itz grad uf e termin. derbi sötti natürlech a mire arbeit schribe… nimmt mi ja wunder, weni fertig bi mit derä!
    i hoffe, du gniessisch itz no chli dini freie täg bevor de d schuel afat. was machsch de so di ganzi zyt?
    i vermisse di natürlech sehr, es fägt haut immer sehr mit dir abdsmache u so…
    aso, machs ganz guet u bis gli
    hdg, xxx isa

  3. Franziska says:

    Hoi Sonja

    Ich habe natürlich sehr gestaunt, als mir Kuno heute am Telephon erzählte er habe dich getroffen!!! Was für ein Zufall…. ich war grad ein bisschen neidisch :-))
    Ich wünsche dir von Herzen ein gutes Einleben und einfach eine geniale Zeit in Südafrika! Ich vermiss es auch schon wieder…


    P.S.: Drink mal ein Savannah für mich…

  4. Mirela says:

    A hug from very, very, very hot Romania!nrYour posts awake so many sensations, thoughts and feelings in me. Thank you…and make the most of it, as you know very well to do!

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