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Titi Monkeys!

No matter how many times you see them, they’re still cool. No, they don’t come when called (not for lack of trying by Mel: “…mooooooonos, ven aca monos…” was her second Spanish phrase after learning how to order beer).

Of the 4 types of monkeys in Costa Rica, we’ve been able to stalk 3. Introducing:

Howler Monkeys. These are the son of a B*%#$es that wake s up every morning at 4:00am. They’re way smaller than they sound. Like humans, it’s only the males that make all the noise.

Capuchin/White-Faced Monkeys. Cute and frighteningly human-featured.

Titi Monkeys aka Squirrel Monkeys. A regular feature in this month’s blogs. If only Mel loved me as much as these little guys, we’d have been married long ago. According to Mel it is their “soft, soft paws” that make her want to “hug and pet and love them” so much.

Enjoy the pics! They are NOT easy to get (about 10 tree shots to each visible monkey shot).

Howler Capuchin Titi

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