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A Drop in the Ocean

One of the challenges of our trip this year has been trying to find a way to tie it all together and give it some kind of meaning – a meaning beyond the tropical drinks and wine, foodie adventures and beaches.

We’ve decided to find a way to give back to the communities that are welcoming us.

The Brel Drop in the Ocean Foundation will select a cause in each country we visit, and do what we can to make a difference. At times, we’ll donate money; at times we’ll volunteer our services. With limited time, and even more limited budgets, we know we won’t be changing the world – but if we can do one small thing, in each country we visit, our hope is that the Brel adventures will live on.

And so the Brel Drop in the Ocean Foundation begins its work…

Placencia has a huge stray cat population-some of the friendliest, albeit hungriest cats we have ever seen. Cats and kittens are everywhere. Our mission here? Ambush some of the repeat moms and pay to have them spayed. Coincidentally, there will be a veterinarian visiting Placencia this weekend – so the plan is to help reduce the stray population before we leave Belize. Our rationale: every spayed stray cat prevents the birth of dozens of litters, and the birth of their kittens, and their kittens, and their kittens….

And when we return to Costa Rica for our flight back to Toronto, we will be making a contribution to Kids Saving the Rainforest – an organization that is currently placing monkey bridges above the roads in Manuel Antonio to prevent the electrocution of the Titis by electric wires. If you’re up to speed on our blog, you already know there are only 1200-1500 Titi monkeys remaining in Costa Rica.

If you’re interested in helping out the Brel Drop in the Ocean Foundation, or this month’s causes of stray cats and Titi monkeys, you can increase our resources by sending an Interac e-mail transfer to We promise your dollars will go to worthy causes – and we’ll report everything back via the Chronicles.

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