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Revisit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with warm memory

Last weekend I copied the first batch digital photos I took on 2002-2003 out of our 120GB hard-drive. I remembered I had a headache in changing photo titles, adding descriptions at that time. Now, in the era of Flickr and Picasa, everything is so convinient. So I want to 2.0ing my old pictures.

My first own digital camera is a Canon S50 which was bought in late 2003. So, all the pictures I took were from DCs of friends, when 2.0 mega pixel lense was main stream. Can’t believe we were so happy with JUST 2.0 mega pixel! 🙂

Today I am revisiting Kuala Lumpur, a city of the most kind and nice people I’ve ever been to. It was the second stop to pursuit a CPIM certification issued by APICS, so I must have visited here. The information in my photosDSCF0010.JPG show that I visited there from March 19-22, 2003. If you still remember, that was when SARS broken out in Canton and people around the world paid weird looks on you when they knew you were from Hong Kong SAR. Lucky me, I didn’t get any of these looks but warm-hearted and selfishless help. Dr. Yan-Goh Ng, head of Malaysian PICS (MPICS) helped me to get ticket back to Hong Kong when he knew that I need to get back the next day. He made phone calls and searched on line when I was working on the papers. Wonderful memory!


Malaysia with F1

In 2 days, I would be mad on this F1 car because I missed my plane due to F1 event traffic on the way to airport.


We got a free ride from one of the people behind after we got lost.


A really amazing building.

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7 responses to “Revisit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with warm memory”

  1. elliottng says:

    Very cool pictures. That high rise was in some Sean Connery / Katherine Zeta Jones spy movie, and I’ve always wanted to see it!

  2. Brian says:

    What a cool trip! you just have to love those towers, I really would love to visit this city!nrnr

  3. Brian says:

    looks like an amazing trip I really want to see those towers one day, and walk across the bridge.

  4. Dude man says:

    great post! you really have a talent for relaying the essence of the trip.

  5. Dude man says:

    this is insane! awesome trip blog!

  6. annasophia robb pictures

    Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

  7. Thank you for acknowledging my assistance during your trip to KL for the APICS examination.

    Best of luck to your career and adventures.

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