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Visit Shanghai World Expo Online – 3D Virtual Tour

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Shanghai world expo 2010Shanghai World Expo 2010 is the super event that the whole city is expecting the most. Local medias have related report and count down every day.World expo mascot Haibao can be seen everywhere which makes me can’t ignore it anymore. I bought the ticket from local post office already where I got RMB 30/ticket discount. [full price of a regular ticket is 160RMB.] If you happen to be in Shanghai before July 1 2009, these discounted tickets are available from any post offices in Shanghai.


Shanghai World Expo ticket - 3 day pass

A 3-day pass ticket sample for Shanghai World Expo 2010

But if you can’t come to Shanghai from May 1, 2010 to Oct 31 2010, you can visit and enjoy the Expo online. The platform will be accessable the same day as the event opens.

Expo Shanghai Online is a platform for fun alternative Expo experiences and real-time interaction with people and exhibits at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. It will present virtual pavilions and exhibitions as the online edition of the physical Expo in a bid to make Expo 2010 an everlasting event.

Check out more details from the following video:

Hope to see you in Shanghai next year!