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Hearst Castle, Bring Your Kids Back to 16th Century in California

ef6c9fe1.jpgI’ve never been to Europe. Maybe that is the reason I found Hearst Castle in San Simeon California is amazing. Built from 1919- 1947 by William Randolph Hearst, all the bits and pieces are authentic — “400-year-old Spanish and Italian ceilings, 500-year-old mantels, 16th-century Florentine bed-stead, Renaissance paintings, Flemish tapestries, and innumerable other European treasures.” (Frommer’s)


1873, William took a Europe tour with his mother. It was “a journey of epic proportions” where he went “to the galleries, palaces, churches, etc.” This tour was a life of impermanence, and one important impact was how this grand castle was designed and constructed.

tennis court It was my first visit to the Hearst Castle. We took a 2-hour tour which is organized in the way to show the overview of the 60,000-acre ranch for first time visitors. It was a misty day which enhenced the atmosphere of “back to 16th century”, but we were not able to see the Pacific coast which was a pity.

Ok, Let’s take a visual tour of what I have seen.

Casa Grande, Hearst Castle, San Simeon California

Casa Grande, has more than 100 rooms.

Indoor Swimming pool, hearst castle, california

A Roman-inspired Indoor Pool

Outdoor swimming pool, Hearst castle, california

Outdoor Greco-Roman Neptune Pool, this is the 3rd edition

Frommers picks this castle as one of the “500 places to take your kids before they grow up”. It will be sure of a different travel experience for older kids (over 8 years old). Though one of my Hungarian friend won’t agree with it. Anyway, your call. Check out reviews here to make you decision.

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