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Green Travel: Is it possible to fly green?

Guardian collects a list of eco friendly lodging from green travelers’ blogs and here is its top 5 green rooms (prices range from £ 9 – 59/night). These lodges scatter at different corners of the globe. I have to wonder, how can I get there? Is flying a green travel way?

And then I read a post by Simple Green Choices, Yen Lee put up great advice on how to fly green, from the pespective of how to plan/book your flights. According to the advice, fly during the day is greener than at night; choosing new and fuel efficient plans to fly with, or even ask a lot of questions to generate “consumer presures” to increase the awareness of airlines.

More research on the topic, Great Green Travel researches the blogosphere about the green destinations. Worth a look if you are planning an eco friendly vacation!


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