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From Sheryl Crow’s green baby shower…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

I joined the Stop Global Warming Virtual March today after I read a hilarious post about Sheryl Crow’s eco-friendly baby shower, saying that Sheryl, my favorite rocker, “wants to limit the use of toilet paper to one sheet per visit”. I don’t know if she was talking about using one sheet of paper after wash her hands or … 😉

Anyway, I don’t own a car in Shanghai, so I feel good at doing something stopping global warming in my daily life. My action is to get around by foot instead of bus or taxi. I was “proud” that I took train to Beijing in my recent trip instead of plane. Train is the greenest transportation in travel, according to Tom Mercer on Trains, Planes, Automobiles.

Here are some more numbers for your reference:

Total Emissions Per Vehicle

SUV (15mpg) – 2.29 lbs/mi
Average Car (25 mpg) – 1.39 lbs/mi
Prius (55 mpg) – .61 lbs/mi
Motorcycle – .57 lbs/mi
RV – 4.58 lbs/mi

Total Emissions Per Person
Average Car/Single Driver – 1.39 lbs/mi
Average Car/Family of 4 – .34 lbs/mi
Train – .32 lbs/mi
Bus – .48 lbs/mi
Plane (250 mi trip) – .85 lbs/mi**
Plane (600 mi) – .69 lbs/mi**
Plane (3500 mi) – .56 lbs/mi**

Green Travel: Is it possible to fly green?

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Guardian collects a list of eco friendly lodging from green travelers’ blogs and here is its top 5 green rooms (prices range from £ 9 – 59/night). These lodges scatter at different corners of the globe. I have to wonder, how can I get there? Is flying a green travel way?

And then I read a post by Simple Green Choices, Yen Lee put up great advice on how to fly green, from the pespective of how to plan/book your flights. According to the advice, fly during the day is greener than at night; choosing new and fuel efficient plans to fly with, or even ask a lot of questions to generate “consumer presures” to increase the awareness of airlines.

More research on the topic, Great Green Travel researches the blogosphere about the green destinations. Worth a look if you are planning an eco friendly vacation!