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Dream vacation: Santorini Island, Greece

The first time I got to know Santorini was from a book written by a famouse TV hostess Lan Yang. Will anyone forget the white wall blue dome under the blue sky on the cover? No, I never forgot it. I read travel blogs and do virtual tours on my dream vacations on the Web. Here I am. Sarntorini, a small, circular archipelago of volcanic islands located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km south-east from Greece’s mainland.

Being one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, besides of walking around enjoying the breath-taking view, what things we can see in terms of sightneeing on Santorini? The Volcano (read a recent eruption research by National Geography), musuems and the beaches. Read the I found these interesting reviews about Santorini beaches on a Santorini vacation planning site:beaches Santorini

“Instead of the “ordinary” sandy beaches there are also black-pebbled beaches, which a result of a past volcanic eruption, and the famous Red Beach, near Akrotiri, with its red-coloured sand. Water is most of the times quit deep,2m from the shore the depth can be already more than 3m, and quite cold, but the crystal clear water will more than compensate you….”

It is my second time ”visiting“ a black beach within the week. (Last time I ”visited“ black beach in Hilo Hawaii). Both beaches are formed from the volcano lava.
Red Beach, Santorini, Greece
Red Beach
perissa Beach, Santonrini

Black Pebble Beach – Perissa Beach
The site I found for Santorini is actually pretty cool – you can plan you whole vacation with it. Starting from locating it position on globe on a google map which is already annotated with local hotels and attractions. Then book your flight to/from the island and do more research on how to get around, and book your hotels sorting by price or reviews or region. On arrival, you can then decide what to do, what to eat and even what’s the fun at night! But it would be even better if there is a gallery section which i can preview the island better. I will definitely make this place my next vacation destination!

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  1. Tracy Lee says:

    We were just back from a great vacation from Santorini Island Greece. We booked a hotel from and found a great apartment for 2 weeks. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary there and had a great romantic and relaxing vacation. I believe Santorini will be your unforgettable vacation too!

    Sharing with you a good travel guide.

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