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Dream Vacation of Waterfalls in Lihue, Kauai

kauai region mapKauai tourism official website calls Lihei “Kauai’s county seat, as well as the center for business and transportation.“ Located on the east shore of the island of Kauai, it is the second largest town of the island. “Lihue” in Hawaiian literally means “cold chill “. Viewing from google map, you can also see Kauai airport is also on that area.

Wailua Falls, Lihue, Kauai, HI As a waterfall lover, I took a virtual tour (as usual) on Picasa images for Lihue’s waterfalls. Wailue Falls is recommended as “Not to be Missed” by Andrew Doughty in the guidebook “The Uiltimate Kauai Guidebook”. To visit this “higher-than-Niagara-Fall” waterfall, take Maalo Road (583) on the Mauka Side. The official height of the waterfall is 80 feets, but the author of the guidebook measured it twice with fishing line and the result was 173 feet! In addition to its own beauty, Wailua Falls is also well known as a place that Hawaiian men prove their manhood by jumping from the 10-floor-height fall. (I figured out this from the number of Taipei 101, 101 floor, 1670 feet).

Kipu falls is only 20 feet high, so it is a practicial location for men jump off (See below picture from Picasa). I have jumped from a 50 meter high tower for my first bungee jump, so I think I would love to try this fall if I can swim.

One of most interesting attractions to me in Lihue is Kauai Museum. It has a perminent display called The Story of Kauai. The artifacts, exhibits, and photographs in the collection show the history and story about the era preceding Western contact as well as the plantation period. I especially am interested in its history of sugar cane plantation history. Ninini Lighthouse sounds like an interesting place to visit, it is said that its light is using a 4.7 million candlepower light. Hmmm…4.7 million candlepower…

There are two major chain resorts in Lihue: Kauai Marriott and Hilton Kauai Beach Resort. An annotated Google map of kid friendly hotels of Kauai can be found here. More other choices of hotels in Lihue can be found here.

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  2. […] a lot. Looking at the map, there are freeways around almost the whole island. Kauai airport is in Lihue. You can find places for hiking, scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling on this island. My favorite […]

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