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Thinking Blogs!

Thanks to Nacho for tagging me as one of his five nominees for Thinking Blogs! He got tagged by T, and he and T are authors of two of the blogs that make me think! (Irony noted: one of the goals of Buddhist practice is to go beyond “thinking mind.” But art takes me beyond, and artful living and artful writing about life matter to me.)

The game works like this: I name five more thinking blogs (other than the one written by the person who nominated me and the person who nominated him–or as Nacho says, that might “create a pan-dimensional blogging anomaly leading to a rift in the fabric of the blogiverse”), and the authors of the five blogs I name, should they ever discover that I have tagged them, and should they wish to play, each write about five more. Here, then, are my five nominees (and need I mention, every nominee is automatically a winner):

Joan Halifax’s Blog (poetry, wisdom, photographs, and more from a wise woman)

Inside Iraq (a group blog written by people in Iraq who are connected with an alternative news service–often deeply disturbing but always illuminating)

Conor’s Blog (originally a travel blog, now devoted to the orphanage he’s supporting in Nepal)

Stephen’s Blog (about Sintra, Portugal–and art, history, architecture, art, and other topics)

And (fanfare) Tania’s Blog (wild woman on her way around the world, blogging as she goes).

These are five remarkable blogs, each one completely different from all the others, but one characteristic of all five is that their authors are so busy living and creating their authentic and utterly one-of-a-kind lives that they probably won’t ever know they’ve been tagged in this game; if they find out, they are unlikely to stop and play. That’s OK. I admire people who are too occupied with living to blog about it regularly, but I love to click in and be with their blogs (and their lives) when I can, whether they add to them regularly or not. I’m teetering on the edge of not being able to keep up with my blog either. It takes remarkable balance to live just enough to be able to blog from that life thoughtfully and regularly. If I have to choose between the two, I’ll take thoughtfully.


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  1. […] If you’ve paid any attention to comments left by “fans” recently, you will notice a lot of comments by Kendall (aka GrannyGold).  She has become a fan of mine, and I really appreciate her comments, concern, and her own writing as well.  Her blog is here: Kendall’s Quest.  This morning I noticed that she nominated me as one of her top five “Thinking Blogs.”  You can read her entry here: Thinking Blogs!  (Imagine that…I’m far behind, and think my writing is sloppy, and sometimes incohesive or boring!)  Thanks Kendall! […]

  2. Tania says:


    Wow! Thanks so much. I really just write to let family and friends back home know (and learn) about what I’m doing, seeing, etc on this amazing journey. It’s amazing to me that others have found my blog and liked it enough to even comment on it, let alone follow it on a regular basis and recognize me as one of their favorites.

    I thank you a million times over. I also admire what you are doing. I’m not going to Lesotho these days (I’m already in Ethiopia!), but there’s always next time!

    Thanks again!


  3. stephenbrody says:

    thanks once again for the compliment. As far as I’m concerned, the ‘blog’ was largely to save myself the trouble of conducting further guided tours while releasing a few ‘thoughts’ or anyway cranky opinions; otherwise I’ve had my say in public for the moment although I enjoy sometimes looking at others. You’re quite right, the diversity and variety of individual existence is a constant source of inspiration

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