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Photo Tour of more Food

While I am physically and mentally restoring my senses at the lake, please enjoy the following photos. Food is always on my mind, especially since I survived my first month on little to eat! But now that I am at the lake, I have carte blanche as far as what I care to eat! More tomorrow!


My stash of candy from home. When this was taken, I had alread eaten half of what I brought. Today, most of them are now extinct. Only one Take 5, one BabyRuth and the gum remain. Conservation efforts have been slow as the Bush administration believes that we’ll find more of these gems somewhere in Alaska, but we’ll just have to exploit, er I mean explore, it more.


The fresh icecream man!! For 1 Quetzel, or about 20 cents, I can get my wafer cone made fresh. I described this in a previous post, so here is the proof. It is totally portable and he can push it practically anywhere, but he’s main spot is in front of Parque Central.


The magician at work.


Tricks of the trade. He has his big metallic cylinder, which is placed on top of ice. He pours in some liquid cream and some flavoring, then takes about 2 minutes to swirl the cylinder around the ice, which freezes the sides and then freezes the liquid into a smooth ice cream.


For another Queztel you can upgrade to a waffle cone.


During our 30 minute morning break from classes, a local lady comes in with her home cooked food. Everything from tortillas with eggs and black beans (gee, where have I seen this before) to hamburgers, empanadas, cakes and more.


We hang outside in front of the school on the tiny sidewalk. Right on schedule our fruit lady is there every morning at 10:30.


Across the street from Parque Central are numerous food vendors selling a lot of great fried foods.


Corn on the cob! But just be sure that you let the lady know not to SMOOTHER it in mayonaise and mustard before it’s too late!


This vendor rocks, he has his system down and watching him perform his taco making ability is reminisent of Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” doing all those fancy bottle tricks. Okay, not as good but it is still fun to watch him make the tacos.


-10 responses to “Photo Tour of more Food”

  1. Mon says:

    Hey I had a burrito for lunch today with black beans! Woo-hoo go black beans! The other morning I had some eggs too and thought of you. Hope all is well!

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, well for breakfast the other day I had 3 pancakes, tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, and cheese & tomato omlette, 3 thick slices of whole wheat toast, BUTTER, fried potatoes AND fresh bananna and watermelon. All for $5! Gotta treat myself after all those eggs, beans and tortillas…

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