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On the way to San Francisco–catching up with friends

Pretrip festivities with some my basketball teammates “Under the Rim”. Jeremy, Chris, Adam and Mike. Rene is in the Philippines on vacation, and Jonas decided to volunteer as a basketball couch instead of hanging out with his buddies. Yeah, you better win your basketball games Coach Jonas!

UPDATED: I also forgot to mention our other teammate, Eric. Eric was absent that evening because he was facilitating the annual meeting for the Beaverton Chapter of the Little People of America. It is easy to miss Eric, but not when we play basketball because without him we’d have lost every game…

Salem, happy hour with Betsy at the Original Roadhouse

Eugene, Aliscia and Jason. Congrats to Aliscia as she is a new homeowner with a wonderfully comfy home.

The drive from Eugene to San Francisco was horrendous, with traces of snow, torrents of rainfall and severe gusts of wind that toyed with my steering and challenged my tire’s tread. Had one very close call with a truck that cut me off and I was forced to the median. With near white-out conditions with the spray, he didn’t even know I was there….

San Francisco, Ezra, Tim & Dan. These were my hombres in AmeriCorps NCCC program in San Diego over 10 years ago. Ezra is an interpretive dance instructor for the blind, Tim is a wine sommelier for the local Scientology pit bull owners club, and Dan is an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter with such hits as “We Bad Boys Three” and “To Catch a Monkey, Eat Creamed Spinach” to his credit. His next feature, “Honduran Housewares,” is due out in a few weeks in time for Academy Award consideration.

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