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My Announcement: Restoring, Nurturing and Renewing the Spirit

Quick update for this week, as I have just a few minutes to use this very expensive Internet connection here in Flores.  I must say that I am not surprised by the comments I have received publicly and privately about my decision to continue on with my travels in an un-Edwin-like, unconventional way.  I am not hurt nor offended by the lack of support from friends and family because Geoff, Francios and others in my sect warned me about revealing the truth all at once.  It matters to me, but I do not take it personally, because I know what I am doing and I am content with my decision.  And to reiterate, I have not been brainwashed or sucked into a cult.  I am still me, with my own mind and my own take on life.  I have just decided to accept more tolerance and an open mind for a different way of living.  We are driven by a modern society that values work for money for living.  And with that we lose faith and lose sight of what we really want in life.  We get sucked into an endless cycle of a zombie-like trance, living the day to day in order to pay the bills, put food on the table and a roof over our head.

We are all different, our own minds, own values, own ideals and beliefs for how to live one’s life.  I have chosen a different path than the one I have accustomed myself to for the last 5 years of waking up every week to work my 40 hours, sit in the commute, pay my taxes and go out ocassionally for fun.  I chose a path where I do not trade off my spiritual side for profit.  I chose to positively affect the world around me through creating meaningful relationships and connections on a human, one-on-one level.  I don’t suspect that many of you will understand this, but it is my hope that by the end of 2006 you will all share in my passion for the life that discovered me through Scientology.

Tom and John Travolta may be punchlines for this misunderstaood way of living, but I am honest when I say that our intentions are true of heart and we only want to help people achieve all that they are capable of.  I have chronically been an underachiever with my life, always flying below the radar and doing just enough, but now I seek a greater maximum return of my potential through unlocking those obstacles that hold me back and keep me from being the best that I can be.  Well, no longer.

I can’t wait to get home back to Portland to share with my enthusiasm, but first I must complete my training here and improve my Spanish.  And this is my announcement.  I plan on staying for the rest of 2006, and returning back to Portland at the start of the New Year.  A new, improved New Year with a new, improved Edwin.  I can only imagine the possibilities of where Scientology can take me, and I am truly excited for the future.

But first things first.

Yeah, okay, I admit it, you all called my bluff.  Horrible poker face, no wonder I never win.  Suppose you all know me all too well.  I was hoping that I could pull the wool over yer eyes for at least another week…maybe convince 5% of you that I am for real.  I mean, come on, I had actual pictures of the Scientology Center!  Doesn’t that count for anything?? 

So there you have it.  I’m lying, cheating, faking, BS’ing, etc. etc.  The truth is, I’ve been home for almost one week.  Laying low, to acclimate myself back to eating full meals, flushing toilet paper in the toilet, and not filtering my water from the tap.  And catching up on my sleep, cause you know about that severe jet lag from traveling all the way from Guatemala!

But don’t try to contact me now, no, not this week.  Cause I’m back on the road.  A short, 10-day trip with my family down to Central Oregon, Nothern California and Nevada.  Then it’s back for a few days in Portland as I ready my bike for my trip down the coast from Canada to Mexico.  My best case scenario is to be back in Portland in mid-August, at least for 2 months.  Maybe I’ll find a survival job in that timeframe.  But this is my year off from doing the work thing, so then again, maybe not.  I hope to head off to Thailand and Vietnam later in the fall, so you just might see me at a highway onramp or off-ramp asking for donations to supplement what is left of my meager savings. 

So there you have it.  Yes, I am technically back in Portland, but out on the road as you read this.  I’ll be back next week for a few days to catch up with friends and show off my long, curly perm-like hair-do’, and then it’s back off my butt and onto my bike saddle for the ride.  I lost almost 20 pounds in Guatemala, but have easily gained 5 back from Nestle, Dreyer’s, Sweet Tomatoes and Baja Fresh.  Ah, it’s great to be back in America.  Unfortunately, I fooled no one with my tale of Tom and John.  But you knew that already.  So have a nice week everyone, I’ll be seein’ y’all later!


5 responses to “My Announcement: Restoring, Nurturing and Renewing the Spirit”

  1. Jonas says:

    I’m sorry man, I ‘m going to have to call BS on the second half of this post.

    You do have a terrible poker face and I can already tell that you are in fact not in Portland eating toilet paper, flushing full meals down the toilet, and whatever other lies you listed. Instead you are in a training facility in Central America, sitting in a circle on the floor with new members, holding the talking stick, and sharing your feelings about yourself and the world.

  2. Mon says:

    I freaking KNEW IT Mr. BS’er!! You cannot pull that crap on this Cougar! Nice try….Katie actually said today that you are probably at home and then just uploading those pics from your camera. We know you too well. Welcome back, glad you made it home safe and sound. Hope to see you sometime soon.

  3. Mike says:

    Good to have you back, even though no one has seen you. Nice try on the guilt trip in the first couple of paragraphs. You layed it on too thick.

    My next question is how involved was Mr. Jones in this. He seemed to try to hard like when I tried to convince Jonas and Rene that you weren’t in Vegas.

    Glad you had fun and you’re still doing it.

  4. Katie says:

    You are to funny Edwin. Glad to hear you are home and still kickin’. Can’t wait to see your curly hair. We should get a picture of you and Carlos together. Call me.

  5. Yuh Wen says:

    Edwin! You’re back! So am I! NJ was…well, NJ. I’ve also gained quite a bit of weight, but I’m leaving for Asia this Friday, so I’m excited. I, for one, am personally disappointed that you were kidding about following in the path of Tom and John. I was really looking forward to learning more about the truth from you. Ah well…save it for when you actually convert next time (after your trip with your family…?). Have fun!!

  6. Hey negro..

    We were in SanFran the same dates it seems…

    you sure your bike can handle the next leg of your trip??

    We should start a pool again like we did with your car.

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