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Laguna Chicabal Trip Report

A day trip to Laguna Chicabal is a must for anyone visiting Xela, Guatemala.  On this Saturday in February, our group of students were led by two teachers from Sakribal.  We had a minivan bus take us the hour or so ride to the drop off point, and then walked along a dirt road, up and then down to the main entrance where the path would take us up, and then down again to the lake.  The lake is actually inside the crater of a volcano, and because of this it is considered a sacred place where many Mayan ceremonies take place.  Indeed, when we were there we came across at least 2 gatherings of familes taking part in some traditional ceremonies, complete with the required firecrackers that everyone in Guatemala owns.



Climbing up the dirt road and looking back at the land we had just left.



Continuing the walk on the road to the park entrance.  From our drop off point to the entrance was about a 45 minute walk.



Park entrance.



He hike through the forest on a well worn path, and then it is up up up until we get to the viewpoint of the lake below.



The viewpoint behind us gives us a glimpse of Volcan Santa Maria.



Another view of the lake and the volcano crater.



There are steps that one must descend to get to the bottom.  There was a sign, and I’m pretty sure that it indicated 600 or more steps.  I lost count at 20, but I do believe there were surely 600 or more steep steps to the bottom, and I took my sweet old time.



Looking up from below the steps.



The lake and students lounging lakeside.



Kathy, Mitzi and I brought food to make lunches.  Veggies sandwiches, chips and cookies.



After lunch, Mitzi, Morgan, myself and another guy (I forgot his name) decide to take a walk around the lake.



It is about a good hour’s walk around the lake, and as soon as we left the mysterious mist and fog rolled in, obscuring our view of the other side.



On the way back, we decided to hitch a ride in the back of a pickup from the park entrance. 



I don’t know how we managed to squeeze all 11 or 12 of us in their, as the ride was bumpy and definitely a tight squeeze for all of us!


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