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Turns out Icelandair was very good indeed. Nice planes and plenty of entertainment options. It’s now Cat’s favourite airline. And I’m glad to be able to say that, especially now as the country is close to bankruptcy and not very popular with Gordon Brown, who has invoked anti-terrorism laws. Well; in my experience, Icelanders are cool and pragmatic. I’m sure they’ll find a way to turn this around. And even win.

Iceland and England have been at war before – over fishing rights; the so-called Cod Wars. Silly little wars. I’m reminded of my first visit to Reykjavik, in 1989, when my guide pointed out that the only casualty of the last Cod War (in the seventies), was when the Royal Navy destroyed 2 Icelandic police boats. No worries, she said, those boats were insured at Lloyds of London. Gotta love those Icelanders.

PS Canada Atlantique was great as well. I’ll get back to that.

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