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Canada – here we come

So we’re heading for Canada – specifically Maritimes. We’ll see a whole new part of Canada this time: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Am sort of dreading a potential Anne of Green Gables overload, but if the scenery is as beautiful, I shan’t complain.

Turns out Canada is big (duh!), so Newfoundland and that odd little corner of France in the Atlandtic – St Pierre & Miquelon – will have to wait for another time.

Cat is dreading the flight – 2 1/2 hours to Reykjavik, then another 6 or so to Halifax. Suspect Icelandair isn’t full of films, games and leg room, so shall have to think of something to keep her busy.

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3 responses to “Canada – here we come”

  1. Bridget says:

    I’d love to go to Prince Edward Island. Look forward ot reading about it.

  2. Bob says:

    Me too. Have always wanted to see PEI but never gotten around to it. Why is it I travel everywhere but my own country? This has got to change….

  3. Anne-Sophie says:

    Bridget and Bob,
    I see you’re both in Canada. Like the rest of your country, PEI was absolutely gorgeous. I want to go back!

    I plan on travelogueing the trip and I do have notes, but sadly, they are somewhat lacking. Can’t seem to concentrate as well on writing when I’m not on my own. But then travelling with the kids offer plenty of other rewards 🙂

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