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Cafe de Paris Carnivore

Friday, January 30th, 2009

I entered a 100-word competition (clever idea) and severely cut down my Cafe de Paris story. Didn’t win – but got a good rating and some fun reviews. I like to ramble on, so it’s good to get in a bit of practice being brief and succinct now and again. Here it is:


Your only choice at Café de Paris is entrecote. I rarely eat meat. Except here, where I’m drawn in by some unseen magnet. Like a wild carnivore, I devour steak that has barely kissed the grill. For dessert, I have chocolate mousse bathing in whipped cream. I don’t really like chocolate mousse. And yet…

The air is ripe with the scent of sizzling meat, perfume, Pinot Noir and smoke. Cafe de Paris is not for those who need personal space or dislike the scent of Gauloises. I like space and hate smoke. Yet I adore Café de Paris. Go figure!