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Sioux Falls

Sunday September 23rd 


The weather is too much – it is so hot and with the winds it is like the middle of summer. I am actually starting to get tan lines on my arms and you all know how hard it is for me to change colour. 


No free breakfast at this motel so milk out of the vending machine and a chance to use our trusty Tesco aluminium bowls for cereal, we have used them so much and it was a last minute buy. 


Visited Sioux Falls today – a very mini Niagara Falls. So mini Ophelie said is that it?? Complacent after 2 weeks, how am I going to cope! We spent ages just sitting down chatting and watching the water, this is what the trip is all about – chilling and taking the time to breathe……………

 Sioux Falls View   Sioux Falls


A bit of retail therapy was called for in the afternoon. You have no idea how hard it is being in shopping mecca and not being able to spend money! There is so much cool stuff and the Halloween stuff is totally OTT but we all love it! Found an outdoor store and finally managed to persuade O to get her summer shoe things. The old “ohhh let me try them on, I actually really like them” worked a treat as she didn’t want to let me have them. Josh got some trousers that were actually long enough and started complaining about shopping after 20 mins, Poor boy! We hit Target and everyone found something to please them. I bought 1984 for Josh to read as I think he is now at an age where he will enjoy it. Also found a v cheap book on the history of the Incas so that and the Spanish DVD will be homework for the next couple of weeks. We are learning small things every day and at each place we visit try to take something away with us (something physical form the grotto would have been great!). 


We have missed the mashed potato wrestling – it was in July but there is still Bedrock, Deadwood and of course Mt Rushmore close by, yabba dabba do. 

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