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Raven’s Grin

Up early and on the road. After a bit of research we found a couple of things that seemed like they were worth a look. Ahlbinger Acres in Paladine – just outside of Chicago is a funeral home with a difference – they have a themed crazy golf course in their basement that you can go and play. Yes the holes feature such things as coffins and heads. I phone up to go over but unfortunately they had a funeral all day – the kids were v disappointed. 


A wrong turn and we ended up lost. I stopped off at a CVS pharmacy to ask for directions and we were held hostage for 20 mins. The cash tills all stopped working so we were in a lock-down. I think I will just take my chances on the road next time! Mount Carroll in Illinois was the stop for the afternoon. It is a historic small town and we arrived mid afternoon. Some of the shops had weird masks in the window and there was no-one about. Scenes from Royston Vasey sprang to mind. Our reason for visiting was Raven’s Grin Inn. A real haunted house that has been re-modelled to include 60ft slide and also gives tours( After all that travel it was shut till 7pm. Coming back to this strange little town at night was not really appealing but the kids begged to come back. We found a motel in the next town Savanna – it has stunning views of the prairies/forests and an indoor pool so the kids got to have a swim and Jacuzzi. Apparently the hotel is full of bikers tomorrow – it seems a bit upmarket and peaceful for them so maybe more like the middle age road hog types! 


Raven's GrinWe were back at Raven’s Grin at 7. Lots of flying things overhead that looked like bats (well it was dusk) but they were birds apparently. There was another group with us as we entered, let’s just say they were merry. The house is a maze of tunnels, rooms decorated with bizarre things and the slides. The owner sits you in a room and with a torch recounts all the tales of the house. For those of you who know me well and how much I jump at the slightest thing can guess how many times I screamed/jumped/embarrassed myself. Ophelie had to hold my hand going round! By the time we came out a thunder storm was in full swing 0 I don’t know what was more scary – the inn or driving home in the dark down a country road with a thunder storm going on overhead! I was so glad to get us all back in one piece. 

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