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January 19th – So Far From Home

Monkey Far From Home

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Invercargill was described as a town seeming with souped up cars racing along the strip as there was nothing else to do. Sounds like fun. Yes there were quite a few boy racers but the town also had many green spaces. The park there was beautiful and we spent a lazy afternoon feeding the many ducks, eating ice cream, wandering around the rose garden looking for “Blue Moon”, which they didn’t have () and playing in the kids park. There is a huge paddling pool and play things we had never seen before – it was excellent. We slid side by side on a skateboard thing attached to a U shaped bar (O was very upset she could not get the hang of it and her old Mum could), a big wheel that you could walk around that tilted and moved and the park also had a swing that you could push a wheelchair in. It has to be the best park we have been in so far and yes we all acted like we were 10 years old again!

Bluff, about 20kms away looks like it is the southernmost point of NZ. But as the island tilts slightly apparently it is not quite – it’s a bone of contention among the locals anyway. It only felt right to pay homage to the famous signpost with the song (is it Kaiser Chiefs?) “I’ve never been this far away from home” in my head. The ocean goes on as far as you can see but you don’t feel like you are near the end of the world. I suppose being surrounded by campervans helps!

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