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Feb 24th – Townsville

Airlie Beach 069

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It is with a bit of sadness that we left Airlie Beach – the place has a great vibe about it and we actually at long last met a family who were travelling the world. The Macdonalds were such a lovely family from the UK with their 3 children. The eldest son was 10 and standing next to Josh was half his size! His knowledge of animals was second to none and I see a mini Steve Irwin in the making. It’s funny to swap ideas and find that you usually agree on things. We were all of the opinion that if we could travel 3 months then go home for a bit you would appreciate everything a little bit more. You see and experience so much on a daily basis that the bewilderment of it all dampens after a while. It’s the oh yes another waterfall – little wow syndrome. It takes something really spectacular to fire up your senses.

Townsville was wet – rain and flash flooding and I also managed to drop the laptop in Airlie beach so spent an extra day waiting for it to be repaired. It worked but the power jack had broken off inside and I didn’t help matters by pushing in a piece of blu tack to try and get it out again. The blu tack stayed in and yes it was embarrassing trying to explain to the technician what I had done but it was fixed and it wasn’t too expensive. We don’t feel quite so cut off anymore.

The town itself – full of backpackers. There is a great water park for kids on the seafront that has lots of buckets of water that fill up and then soak everyone underneath. It’s a big town and also has a huge RAAF base. The holiday park was next to the base so we saw lots of planes taking off and making what looked like some very dodgy landings.

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