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Cancun Shopping Centre - La IslaSaturday November 17th

Decided to take the first class bus to Cancun – about $20 each. It’s basically a coach but the seats go right back and there is TV – well a French film with Spanish sub titles! It was nearly empty and a note of warning – the air conditioning was freezing. One woman sat there with a woolly hat on, jacket and we all shivered but the driver would not turn it down. I expect to wake up tomorrow with at least a cold. The scenery is very green – more than I would have thought and flat. There are no rivers or mountains to water the jungle so I don’t know how it stays so green. The motorway pretty much runs through this scenery all the way so not much to see. I had booked our hotel by phone last night so was a bit surprised when we turned up and the receptionist said there was not a room for us. Hmnmm not a great start but we have managed to get a room just down the road with breakfast included.

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