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April 2nd – Hard Rock

Thailand 005

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Having realised that our trip has to end soon we try and make the most of our time in Bangkok shopping. It’s back to the MBK shopping centre and we split up. Josh goes to the electronics floor complete with compiled list, O goes with my sister and I amazingly find myself alone to shop – one word, heaven. How fabulous it is to wander round on your own browsing when you want! I end up finding that elusive Mulberry bag and treat myself, well I must look the part for interviews! Josh gets his computer games and my sister has found a bought a new camera, amazing what you can accomplish separately. We decide that it is time for a nice meal so head over to The Hard Rock Café – instantly recognizable as it has a Tuk Tuk protruding from the wall outside. Inside it is full of kids and waiters covered in badges who have shares in Wella hair products. The meal is the same as any other Hard Rock café but the food is not really why you come – it’s to see the all the stuff on the walls. There is lots of Beatles memorabilia here and an Elvis stained glass window that my sister loves (she’s a big Elvis fan). Upstairs is closed but we manage a sneak around and find the other half of the Tuk Tuk inside the restaurant.

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