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11 Days To Go……..

Have you ever felt like you are clinging onto a runaway train and there is nothing you can do about it?

I have so many lists on the go I have lists for my lists. I keep kidding myself I should be all professional and project manage this thing but then I get completely sidetracked and another day has flown by with nothing achieved. Oh God – this time next week all of our furniture will be in storage and we will be sleeping on blow up beds in an empty house. How did this all come around so quickly?

I have not had time to get excited or really think that I am about to leave my mundane life with all it’s little routines. Instead it feels like every minute is taken up with organising something or other. I started to say goodbye to people at work today who I might never see again – ever. It still did not sink in – maybe on the plane I might finally click that our free time lasts until June next year……….

My little cards arrived tonight with our blog and e-mail details – I got a few butterflies opening them. I wonder if after I give them out people will read this? It feels a bit weird putting my thoughts on-line but I guess it beats typing out 20 e-mails each time!

Note to self – don’t forget to pack Marmite


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