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May 30, 2006

Fruit Picking Part II (and a broken toe)

Ah, what we do for a dollar! Yes, 2 months have passed and still we are picking fruit and living in the middle of nowhere. This time around it's kiwi fruit, which we were promised was easier than apples - oh, how they lie!

Same deal as before - we have to fill a large bin and we get paid (not enough) for how much we pick. It is easier than apples in some ways because we don't have to use ladders, however this also makes it harder cos its relentless and back breaking. Very fast to pick though cos kiwis cant bruise like apples so we can throw then into our bags from all over! Last day is tomorrow - woohoo and then we've been promised a party with lots of free beer - as if that makes up for all the bruises, cuts, scratches, lumps etc etc we have acquired but free beer is free beer after all!

Slight accident a few weeks ago can you believe (you would think I was clumsy or something). Boss woke me at 06.45 by ringing to say we working at 07.30 so off I trot to the (outside) toilet, eyes sleepy, very dark blah blah and I fell off the doorstep. Ouch. Turns out I broke my big toe, couldn't work for 2 weeks. Aargh! Didn't get paid for 1st week but NZ has this thing called ACC which will pay 80% of your wages if you have an accident and need to be off for more than 1 week - so they paid some of my wages the 2nd week. As my luck goes, the first week I was off was the first week since kiwi started that it didn't rain so everyone worked a full week (6 days actually), everyone picked loads and everyone got paid a shitload of cash. Plus, we live in a small 2 room bach, with no TV, no neighbours and no way to get to town 2km away. Tiago was away for 10 hours a day and I was left all alone with bugger all to do! I read on average, 5 books and 3 magazines a week (not joking!) Poor me. Toe is still sore now but I've strapped it up and hobbled back to work this week full of morphine tablets and picked my best record yet (morphine is a wonderful thing!). Oh, also managed to get a kidney infection whilst I was off as well - poss from all the medication I was taking! No sympathy cards please - just send cash ha ha.

Have to dash everyone but I do have loads more news which I haven't been able to tell you all yet. Will update again very soon, however I will give you a hint to keep you going! I may be seeing some of you very soon. Ah, intrigued? Tune in next week........ ha ha.

Lots of love to all and take care wherever you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Trish on May 30, 2006 09:18 AM
Category: New Zealand

Hey Trish,

Great to hear from you.

Trying to think why I may see you soon-

Are you sending me tickets to NZ?

That would be lovely.

Speak to you soon



Posted by: Diane Ferry on May 30, 2006 11:04 AM
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