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January 03, 2005

On the Farm

Last week, we went for a couple of days to a farm in Haryana state, about two hours drive from Delhi. The Haryana state tourism department has started a "farm tourism" program, where you basically get to do a home stay on a farm for a couple of days. The booklet describing the program had about a dozen farms we could visit, so we chose "Progressive Farm", with its "fields of green undulation".

While at the farm we got to drive a bullock cart, make cow-dung patties which are used for fuel, eat lots of great food, and visit the village and a couple of nearby temples. The family that we stayed with doesn't actually do much farming themselves, but just lease the land to tenants. They have a huge, if mostly dilapidated and uninhabtable) haveli (palace/fort) in town which their grandfather or greatgrandfather had built 150 years ago.

Now we're back in Delhi (again!). We finally got our Myanmar visas, so we can get out of here. Tomorrow night we leave for a LONG two day train ride south.

Posted by Jason on January 3, 2005 08:13 AM
Category: India

Sounds like fun with one exception.......cow-dung pattie making I'd pass on to someone else. Just kidding....fuel is fuel and if it takes cow-dung I'm all for it. Let the adventure continue!!!

Posted by: Kraston & Alice on January 3, 2005 01:40 PM

cow-dung patties.. I remember making/using them when I was a child. once upon a time, India was a very environment friendly country. you must have figured that out by the strange fog looming over Agra :-)

Have fun.

Posted by: satyen on January 3, 2005 07:21 PM

Stay safe. We have had enough scares with the tsunami to last us for the rest of your trip.

Posted by: Dad and Mom White on January 8, 2005 09:28 AM
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