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‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ‘ol me
Don’t let me out of your sight

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This post is dedicated to anyone who has ever had to fight the “women-shouldn’t-travel-alone” battle. I’ve created this entry compiling info on women who are traveling solo out there right now, or have traveled solo in the past. And these are just a small segment of those who happen to blog! If it’s not listed here and you have another solo-gal blog, please add the link to the comments section.

I hope anyone reading this post will recognize, accept, and embrace the fact that while traveling poses dangers to both men and women on the road, suggesting that somone not travel alone because they are a woman is a true belittlement. As long as one is willing to accept the risks of the road, they should do so regardless of gender.

This is a list of links of travel blogs of women who have traveled far and wide by themselves. To places like East Africa, South America, Central America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Siberia, and incredibly dangerous New Zealand — BY THEMSELVES.

Read these blogs if you have time, but if you don’t just look at the quantity I was able to parse together after a brief amount of searching. These are from women young and less-young; women from America, Australia, Europe, and Asia; women with all levels of education, income, and background. Travel if you wish, don’t travel if you don’t, but never tell us we shouldn’t do it because we’re just a girl…



Now, of course I fully recognize that having made this proclomation if something actually does happen to me it will extra-suck, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

With no apologies to No Doubt, here’s the full lyrics to “Just a Girl”:

Just A Girl

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I’m exposed
And it’s no big surprise
Don’t you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ‘ol me
Don’t let me out of your sight
I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don’t let me have any rights

Oh…I’ve had it up to here!
The moment that I step outside
So many reasons
For me to run and hide
I can’t do the little things I hold so dear
‘Cause it’s all those little things
That I fear

‘Cause I’m just a girl I’d rather not be
‘Cause they won’t let me drive
Late at night I’m just a girl,
Guess I’m some kind of freak
‘Cause they all sit and stare
With their eyes

I’m just a girl,
Take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype

Oh…I’ve had it up to here!
Oh…am I making myself clear?
I’m just a girl
I’m just a girl in the world…
That’s all that you’ll let me be!
I’m just a girl, living in captivity
Your rule of thumb
Makes me worry some

I’m just a girl, what’s my destiny?
What I’ve succumbed to Is making me numb
I’m just a girl, my apologies
What I’ve become is so burdensome
I’m just a girl, lucky me
Twiddle-dum there’s no comparison

Oh…I’ve had it up to!
Oh…I’ve had it up to!!
Oh…I’ve had it up to here!

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7 responses to “‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ‘ol me
Don’t let me out of your sight”

  1. Many thanks for the mention. 🙂 We ought to form some sort of an online support group or something… hee..

    Happy trails!! I’m rather jealous of your trip.. I wanna go back to Africa!!

  2. admin says:

    I’m totally jealous of YOUR trip(s)! Wish I could follow in your footsteps, it sounds like a fabulous existence…

  3. Sherry says:

    Amen Sista! Thanks for the mention in the post…it was a fun read! Good luck on your travels to Africa…I loved it there and I’m actually going back to Northern Africa this week…alone. Actually – many times I’m more worried about being an American traveler than being a solo female traveler! I tell people I’m from Canada. Good luck on the travels – have a blast, be smart, soak up every moment!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Sherry, I LOVE your blog! Enjoy North Africa, I’ll be there in only a couple of months!!

  5. Travel Betty says:

    Hey Snarky!

    Thanks so much for featuring my blog. How cool is that? Have a blast in Africa!! I just had a dream about traveling solo to Nairobi last night. A positive omen, perhaps?

  6. Christine says:

    Hey Snarky,

    Thanks for the blog shout-out. I hope you have a fabulous time in Africa out on your own. I know a few who have done Africa solo and say it was fantastic. Have fun!

  7. Claire says:

    Cool post well done. Thanks for both the mentions!! :p
    Have fun!

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