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Earthquake Aftermath in Oaxaca

Last weekend I caravanned with another car and a truck 7 hours to the Isthmus (to a tiny village near Santa Maria del Mar) on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca State where 80% of the homes were down or condemned. I went with David, his friend “Cholo” and a female friend to deliver tarps I had purchased, food from the acopios (collection points) and medicine from Mexico City to a little village.

It was a pretty intense 2 days trying to coordinate with with everyone and the locals so everybody got fair amounts. We went to Juchitan to pick up stuff delivered by someone else. And then Santa Cruz to a Doctor’s house in the evening where we were given pozole and about 25 people had an “assembly.”

Then we visited a “homeless camp” and outdoor kitchen in Tuantepec…60 families with 160 kids. There were 6 homeless teachers who were teaching the kids. On the way out a man came up to me and asked “are you coming back?” Nearly broke my heart!

The first night we stayed in a teacher’s house in Tuantepec who gave Juana and me their bedroom while they slept on the floor! The next morning we went back to the Doctora’s house to sort food because the people in the acopios had just indiscriminately bagged big bags of food…sweets for the kids, big bags of rice etc. was divided. Tuna taken out and redistributed. And then everything re-bagged.

At the tiny village of Santa Maria Huamelula, people were gathered in the center and the head of the village announced our arrival with a microphone. The Dra and David spoke. 2 Navy trucks were there with several Navy guys standing around watching us. The “face” of the gov’t. No idea what else they were doing there.

So before coming back we spent the 2nd night on the beach and partied with some mescal we picked up along the way. Cholo was one of the guys who went with us. David, a 2006 Oaxaca activist, is mentoring his friend. Cholo was quite attentive to me because he knew I was tired from intense driving. After swimming and drinking mescal, he gave me a really long foot massage with hot water (best one I’ve ever had) and then climbed into my lap and snuggled. I told him I was looking for someone just like him only my age! Everybody laughed. He’s about 20. 😉

David said he had never really had a mom. He was really sweet in spite of looking and acting like a bad boy. So I think what he was wanting at that moment was a mommie. 😉

I sent the photo to the kids and Bob with the caption “Cholo my new boyfriend.”

Doug’s response was: Are you serious?
Greg’s response:
Oh. .

Well.. .. good

Of course I explained the photo after I heard from them. Haven’t heard from Josh or Bob yet and it’s been 5 days since I sent the photo! hahaha!

It was quite an adventure. At least I found out what my car, Nissan Xterra, is capable of. Part of the way ruts in the mud 2 feet deep and landslides on the 175 highway coming back. So much for the “new” highway!



Cholo and me

David and the Doctora

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