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Petra, Jordan

We have been in Petra, Jordan the past two days and it’s fantastic. Our feet are so sore; we walked for like 6 hours today.


Petra is AWESOME. While it reeks of horse, donkey, camel and even goat shit. And, if you go, don’t wear nice sneakers/shoes because they will be permanently pink. And expect to throw out your socks afterwards. Wear good hiking shoes if possible.

In Petra, you first walk through the long Siq, which is (according to wikipedia) “a dark and narrow gorge (in places only 3–4 metres wide) called the Siq (the shaft), a natural geological feature formed from a deep split in the sandstone rocks and serving as a waterway flowing into Wadi Musa. At the end of the narrow gorge stands Petra’s most elaborate ruin, Al Khazneh (“the Treasury”) hewn directly out of the sandstone cliff.”

Petra Sun
Me standing in the Siq

So you walk a long time thu the Siq and finally the Treasury comes into view. It’s awesome.

Treasury View
First view of the Siq

You keep going and you pass more ruins, then a big amphitheatre that anywhere else, would be a main attraction. But here, it’s just so-so. From there we climbed up to the Royal Tombs. After that, we continued on and walked through Colonnade Street. You can walk for hours in Petra!

Petra Jim sit
Jim sitting among columnular ruins

Click for larger

Then it was on to Al-Deir, to see the Monastery. It took us about 3 hours from beginning to finish – walking up and walking down. It was a very, very long and hard climb for me. I wonder if it’s the highest I’ve ever climbed?

Jim climbing to Al-Deir
Nice view while climbing

There were touts stationed all along the climb which was annoying.

We were so relieved to reach the top and the Monastery looked a bit similar to the Treasury. I think it was more about the accomplishment of climbing than actually seeing it, although it was very cool.

Petra Monastery
Amazing view of the Monastery, after an hour’s climb. Look at the tiny people!
(Click pics for larger view)

There was a concession stand there and we were so glad to get more water. As we were getting ready to head down, I noticed many people continuing to climb UP! I remember Jim proclaiming “son of a b–” when we saw signs directing people to come look at the view, which was another 10 minute walk farther up. He didn’t want to go but I told him we had to, since we were so close! The views from there were pretty fantastic.

Kelly on Petra mountain2

Kelly on mountain1
Pictures of me on the edge of cliffs

We walked down and that was our big accomplishment. I think if you only had 1 day to do Petra you could skip it and still see a lot. I am glad we did it.

So we spent a total of 2 days there which was enough to see as much as we wanted.

We are trying to figure out what we are doing next. We are trying to get to Jerusalem but it is very difficult with the border crossings. We’ll see!!

Jordan is SO much more expensive than Egypt. It seems a bit cooler though, which is great. I still sweat buckets today.

I am sad the trip is ending soon because I am finally getting into it. We are having dinner with Anja and Sayed for the second night in a row tonight.

Here a pic of Jim next to a camel. At first, Jim tried to sneak up on the camel and pretend to kiss it. The camel just sat there like he didn’t know anything was going on, then suddenly he snapped his jaws at Jim. It was funny. You can see the camel smiled right as I took this picture.

camel jim

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5 responses to “Petra, Jordan”

  1. Slater says:

    Yo.. it’s Slater! Had lunch with Emily and Val today over at Paneras and we were talking about you, wondering how the trip’s going. I almost forgot about the blog, so I had to check it out. Wow, you’ve really been blogging away. Love the addition of underwater video! Sounds like you’re having fun. We’ll miss you at paintball this Saturday.

  2. kelly says:

    you FORGOT!!! well thanks for posting, can’t wait to get back and see you guys. I almost bought something for you in egypt, it was a magnet of some really funny looking egyptian politician. but i didn’t. at least i thought about it!!

  3. Claire says:

    I googled Petra and looked at what it is. It’s actually an entire area that was re-discovered. I would suggest reading and looking at it on some sites on the internet.

  4. admin says:

    why?? i was there!

  5. Claire says:

    I meant for OTHER people to look at pictures of it on the internet, because you alone can’t possibly post enough photos on this site to show how big of an area it covers.

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