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Megha Dies

This blog seems to have become a source of information for many Daya dan volunteers.

I am very sad to inform all of you who knew her that Megha, Mongol’s sister, died this morning of respiratory problems.

I am saddened but not entirely surprised as children with her condition often die of respiratory illnesses(even in 1st world conditions) and I am content that at the very least, she did not suffer and is in a peaceful place.

I am calling Mongol tonight to see how he is doing and I will write a blog entry afterwards.



5 Responses to “Megha Dies”

  1. Marie says:

    I am so saddened to hear of Megha’s passing. I was lucky enough to have cared for Megha five years ago and I have kept tabs on her ever since through blogs such as yours. I am deeply, deeply saddned by this news. I thought I would see her again.

    Marie Tavlin

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