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Getting back into the groove

Wow… Coming back to the ship is always rough… But getting back into the groove seems to be so difficult for me this time around! It probably doesn’t help that Chelsy Is leaving soon and that I hardly see her! But give it another week and I’ll probably be right back in the game! I have found a new workout buddy, Jamie, she is our crew bartender and has been working very hard this contract to get into shape so I think she will be a great influence and I have been trying to workout with her most days. At least that will help to pass the time while Chelsy is gone and It can probabaly help save me some money. There’s not a ton going on early this week, it’s been too windy for the beach. I said goodbye to my friends Amanda and chajwanna this week as they headed off on vacation! And today Jamie and I walked into downtown hilo and did a little window shopping! I’m looking forward to doing the ironman swim tomorrow without the flippers that are too big and give me blisters! Maybe next Monday I’ll try to get to the Internet to add more pictures for you all to enjoy!

My smelly roommate leaves in a week and a half and I can’t wait!! She’s a nice lady but anal about where everything goes!! I am mostly pumped for Chelsy to come back so we can live together again, we were just discussing today about how our old living situation was super comfortable and made our room feel more like home… I’m ready for that again!


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