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Wedding Bells – Campana de Boda

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


ano 2014

It’s a New Year here in the tropics, time to put the past BS with the Canadian simple serpents behind and look to the future.

With the tax return funds I was able to finish the casita and upgrade the caretakers casa so it can also be rented to travellers.

Towards the end of last year when my travails with Migración came to a stalemate it became obvious that the only solution was marriage (which I had sworn never to do again!) to a Salvadoreña was the only for me to gain residency!

Given the options of 1) moving to another country (I like it here)  2) doing visa runs every 90 days (wondering each time if I would be allowed back in) or 3) just staying here illegally, hoping not to get caught and (horror of horrors) being Deported back to Canada!

The answer was a no brainer, “Marriage”! So had to bring up the dreaded “M” word (Matronial) with my novia, who said, “Si”!

A guest, a fellow Quebecer (who had arrived as a stranger but left as a friend) kindly agreed to get copies my birth, have them notarized and bring them with him when he returned after Xmas.

Feb 20, 2014 kind of forgot about this update for a while and there are some changes.

Novia was getting a tad cantankerous and playing the “Drama Queen” Drama Queen so,  to make a long story short, we went our separate ways.

My birth certificates arrived from Quebec and my friend got a free weeks stay for his trouble. Next was a visit to the Canadian embassy in the city where I paid the $50 EXTORTION FEE for a stamp authenticating them!

Found another who turned out to be a bit of a wingnut

The above were out for money but were mere toddlers compared to the seven-deadly-sins-greed-25059-46521_zoom Queen of greed who only wanted my house but Canadian citizenship along with $$$ DUH dream on Biatche!!!  I didn’t just fall off the turnip (sugarcane) truck today.turnip-truck

Finally struck pay-dirt with a lady from nearby with no baggage and a head on her shoulders. Off to the lawyers to finalize the details and make arrangements for a March 1 wedding at

Mercedes ‘Rancho Sol Mar Accion’ 219 on the

beach 217  at 222 

Boda Marzo 1, 2014 a cuatro en la tarde, wedding March 1 2014 at 4 pm.

Stay tuned.