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RevCan Simple Serpents GRRRRRRRR!!!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


The new insignia for the RevCan simple serpent!

The instructions on the tax guide say it takes 12 weeks to process the return, however when I called last month it had increased to 16 weeks. Huh!

Well today when 3rd simple serpent with a sub average IQ (the 1st passed me on to another who gave me a wrong # to call), she asked “When did you mail your return?” I answered that it was not mailed but sent by courier and signed for on May 1st.

She couldn’t wrap her miniscule mind around this fact until I (on the 3rd attempt) said it was given to the courier company on Apr. 29, this seemed to make her little pea brain happy. DUH, go figure!Sargent Schultz

As today is actually 20 weeks since the return was received our mommies pride and joy (joy that her little moron found a job) says she can put in a request to speed up the process. “Well can I speak to some one?”

NO! The INTERNATIONAL DepartmentNazi uniform

Talks to no one!!!

It’s a pretty sad situation when Harpo’s government has to steal 25% of the pittance it gives seniors who paid taxes all their lives & paid in to a pension. Then when they follow the rules to get it back, they’re treated like 2nd class citizens, while senators out-n-out STEAL with impunity!

Gotta love Canada, EH!  NOT!!!