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Criminal Record Check aka The Never Ending Story

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

As has been mentioned before, when I was in Ontario last May (2011) I went to the Durham Regional Police offices in Oshawa (the local  Bowmanville ones closed to the great unwashed public) to apply for a criminal records check, filled out the form, paid my $40 & figured it was a done deal.

When it came time for me to leave for Cambodia some 3 weeks later & I still hadn’t received it in the mail, had been told it should take 2 weeks, I left anyway figuring if I needed it a friend could pick it up & send it to me.

Didn’t need it until I returned to El Salvador & applied for residency, however when my friend picked up the mail, instead of the document saying that a check couldn’t be completed as my fingerprints needed to be submitted to the RCMP. Oh Joy!!!

Freaking moronic DR’s didn’t know fingerprints were needed for a check, figures!

So off we go to Embassy Canada in San Salvador, that little experience has already been documented, prints taken & couriered to the RCMP in Ottawa at the address provided by the embassy along with money order in US funds (after it was confirmed a US money order was OK as it’s impossible to get one in Canadian funds in El Salvador).

DHL accepts the letter at 11:35 on Monday December 12, it departs at 19:26 2011,  arrives in Gatemala City 21:08, departs 21:27, arrives Panama City Dec 13,  00:36, departs 18:17, arrives Cinicnnati Dec 14, 01:41, cleared 04:57, departs 05:37, arrives Mirabel airport 07:55, leaves 09:43, arrives Ottawa 11:48, leaves facility 13:00, signed for at RCMP 13:52 Wed, Dec 14, 2011. Pretty good 52 hrs 27 min from San Salvador to the RCMP’s hands in Ottawa, that’s 52 HOURS + a bit.

Now when I had heard nothing for 6 weeks figured it was time to check on it, called the # given by the embassy, voice mail & request never answered, emailed got a computer generated answer that they would get back to me.

Received an email on Feb 10l 2012 at 14:58 saying “Please be advised that according to our records, the application in question was received in our system on: February 7th, 2012”

This means that my application took 54 DAYS to get from the hands of the person that signed for it to be entered into the system.

What is wrong with this picture, it takes a private company DHL 52 HOURS to deliver a letter! I then takes the recipient the RCMP 54 DAYS to enter it into the system?