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February 19, 2005

Ah, Thailand

I surprised myself by feeling rather conflicted about leaving India--actually thought of some things I might miss--the food, the nice locals I met, the adventure of it... and wondered what my experience would be like if I stayed longer. But, all of that was quickly forgotten in the relief of being somewhere new, somewhere different--Bangkok! I found a great, rather luxe place to stay the first two nights I was here, which was a nice treat. It didn't really feel like I was in Thailand, but more importantly, it didn't feel like I was in India!

I've now moved to a guest house where my room has no a/c and shared bath--it's back to the "real" world of budget travel! But the place I'm staying is nice, and in a good location in the neighborhood of Thewet (or Thewes), north of Khao San Road.

It's hot here, although not as hot as I remember it was when I came in September the last time. The humidity is a total adjustment for this San Francisco weather wimp.

One of the things I noticed first was the women here--everywhere! They run the guest houses, the shops, the stands on the road, practically everything, so I see women everywhere, and interact with them constantly--a very nice change after the very male-dominated world of India. And since there are so many westerners who travel through here, I'm hardly an oddity and don't feel like nearly as much of a spectacle here. Like any big city of the world, people hardly give me a second glance. I love it. Unfortunately, English doesn't seem as wide-spoken as I remember, but I'll get by I'm sure, and I have my handy phrasebook and hope to add some words to my Thai vocabulary.

I just booked onward travel by train and bus to the town of Krabi, where I hope to do some kayaking and then go relax on a nearby island for a few nights before I report for the meditation retreat on the 28th. I also got my Vietnam visa, so I'm all set to move on from here.

Oh, and ALL of my India pictures are now online--enjoy!

Posted by Amy on February 19, 2005 10:38 PM
Category: Thailand

Congratulations on surviving India. They're going to do a reality TV show by that name in the fall. You may want to consider applying? I'm sure the memories of India will grow more positive in time. Now for a real dichotomy....greetings from snowy, white 0 degree Vermont. Cross country skiing for the last couple days; reading by the fire last night. Did that make you shiver? Enjoy Thailand.....your parents will be there in no time. Give my love to VietNam, particularly if you pass a little town NW of Saigon (HCM City) called Cu Chi. Best regards, Joe

Posted by: Joe Foyle on February 20, 2005 03:13 AM

camel mating and all, your photos are still awesome. I loved all the ones of the children. the resolution is great, and they're such beautiful subjects. and the colors are brilliant as well. more, more, more!

Posted by: rebecca on February 21, 2005 10:44 AM

Surprise???!!! I have read a bit of your experiences and now will get on with reading more. Marilyn and I leave tomorrow for Mesa, AZ to spend one month; I guess we're called snowbirds! it will be our first time so will let you know how we like it. I have several projects to work on, do some reading, organize some photos, play some cribbage, walk, relax. We'll attempt to stay in touch. How soon do your parents arrive--wondering who will be more excited---parents or daughter? Marilyn and I were privileged to stay with Katie and Lillie---or is it Lilly? Charlie and Stacy attended a concert in Mpls. FUN! Lilly was fussy for a while so that was a good excuse to hold her more! Will be looking forward to more reading of your adventures---John & Marilyn

Posted by: John & Marilyn on February 24, 2005 08:31 PM
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