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September 18, 2004

Sightseeing in Full Force

Today was a full day of hiking and wandering and bus-taking to get to the salt flats (terraced on a mountain) and to see Incan ruins at Chinchero that were pretty impressive (probably moreso because they were my first!). It was fun to get out of the city and see some interesting things, and also to take more pictures! It was fun to play around with my camera, and I had grand plans to upload pictures tonight. I thought I'd found the perfect place, but it turns out they don't have any photo-editing software so I need to keep looking. pictures yet, but hopefully very soon! I probably won't check in again before I head to the jungle on Monday, so look for more stories when I get back next weekend. Time to head home before it gets dark... (it's best not to take the bus after dark, but I like the bus because it saves me money!)

Posted by Amy on September 18, 2004 03:40 PM
Category: Peru
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