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In Loving Memory….


A friend that I hadn’t known for a long time, passed away from a rare form of cancer over the weekend.

His father had called me the day before he passed and asked me about chinese doctors in Gainesville. He said he is getting weaker. It didn’t sound good and for the first time since I met B, it occurred to me that he may not live very long.

I’m shocked and sad and relieved knowing that he’s in a much better place. I also wondered about his passing and where the spirit is. I wonder if his family can be comforted in peace that he is free from that diseased-ridden body. He was only 20 and had cancer since he was 9, it went into remission, but came back.

For a young guy to be bed-ridden for what has been the last few months of his life, he was upbeat, positive and sociable. He was a bright kid, had a great sense of humor and we could talk about the most intellectual things and switch to the most mundane base humor. He was a cool kid.

His mother was his nurse, taking care of him 24 hours a day and she was also taking care of her family as well. I pray for her to see the hope in all of this and in her son, that physically she may not be with him, and that beyond this realm we all accustomed to, is something beyond our understanding…that he is no longer he, and that spirit we all loved is now everywhere, free, and she can commune with him all the time.

I am proud and grateful that I had the time with him. Much love B!

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