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A couple last minute updates

Stuff I posted about Joshua when it came out in the summer

I’ve been going through old blog posts (see the next entry) and I came across this one being sad about not having my christmas music. I have it this year! Yay! And I had a lady give me a candy cane today! double yay!

I forget if I posted this already, but I found this on youtube; Garbage retrospective. (The quality isn’t always great, but it’s fun to see a look at their music videos over time). I think I’m Paranoid is soo the best video ever and I’ve more or less blocked out Breaking up the Girl.

Remaining Sundance 2008 Non-Competition Line-Up Announced.

Tin Man Explores New O.Z. Since I wrote about it earlier

A cute (and short) vid on the writers strike.

The top 25 gay (or bi) tv characters. (skews recent, only 3 non-white, a bunch from Queer as Folk, and only 6 played by openly gay actors. Including John Barrowmore, who was once turned down to play Will for being “too straight”) Oh, and not surprisingly, Chris Keller from Oz (played by Christopher Meloni) ranked pretty highly. And the best is, clearly, Gale Harold on Queer as Folk. I mean, gay or straight, he’s easily one of the best characters ever on tv.

So – this afternoon, everyone said goodbye to me at work. They gave me a great card AND!!! A greenstone necklace! I had really wanted one, and couldn’t afford it.  Apparently you aren’t supposed to buy them for yourself anyways. The symbol represents the eternal bond of friendship, or the merging of two cultures. I really love it. That’s it from here. Home, dinner, lemsip, and sleepytime.


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