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Hanuama Bay From The Plane

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October 21st – Hanuama Bay

This place had been recommended, it is a natural horseshoe shaped cove with a natural reef which makes for some of the best snorkelling on the island.

It would have been a lot easier if I had not panicked and got off the bus too early. Half an hour walk later (up a hill) with the kids staring daggers into my back we arrived – wow. Imagine a curved bay with turquoise waters lined with palm trees – yep paradise. It’s a protected site so you have to watch a film before you go down to the bay. Up to 3000 people can visit the bay daily, there are lots of people at the first bit of the beach but once you are in the water it’s like you are on your own trying to find Nemo.

We rented O a special lens snorkel mask – so at least she could differentiate between Josh and the humuhumunukunukuapua’a fish. OMG – it was like a whole new world. Shoals of fish, stripey, yellow, pink – all different kinds. I kept hearing the kids shout through their snorkel tubes as they saw another amazing sight. It was one of those memories that I will not forget, absolutely incredible.

I took an underwater camera but have not had the photos developed yet. We had lunch under the shade of the trees and straight back in for some more. The sights really were amazing and to think it was all in the wild……..

The bus back was less eventful and I even got off at the right stop – good thing really as although we had been very liberal with the suncream there are 2 patches on my bum that were on fire by the evening. Nothing could keep the smile from my face though. Amazing day.

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