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Day 17 – Alajuela

After breakfast we took a swim in the pool and a dip in their new hot tub. After that we had one of the hotel drivers take us to Zoo Ave which is a rehabilitation zoo for animals who will eventually be returned to the wild. It’s expensive for foreigners to get in ($15 vs. $3 for citizens) but the zoo was really nicely done. Saw lots of amazing birds, turtles, iguanas, monkeys, some big cats and lots of other critters. We walked around the zoo for about two hours.

costa rica 2006 - 257

Not wanting to go back to the hotel so early we decided to be a little adventurous and took the public bus into Alajuela where we walked around for a while. We wanted to eat at Jalapenos Comida Tex Mex which is owned by Norman from Vida Tropical. I had tried to make a reservation to stay at Vida Tropical but I never got a response from Norman and when checking my email that morning I saw one from Norman saying that he missed us. Obviously, his confirmation email got lost and I wanted to meet him and apologize and explain that I never got his email.

The Moon guide said it was east of the Central Park so we looked all over but couldn’t find it. We then began to look at the other sides of the park and finally found it a few blocks to the east. We had a great taco lunch compete with guacamole, rice and beans ($4.50). Talked with Norman for bit and then headed back to the Central Park to catch a $4 taxi back to Orquideas.

That night we had a good dinner and drank our last Imperials and Pilsens at the hotel bar and went to bead early.


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