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…the beaches at Normandy…

The overnight express put us in Paris with no time to sightsee.  We figured we were better off anyway since I haven’t spoken French regularly in more than ten years.  Eventually, we made our way to Bayeux.  Once there, we worked our way to tourist information to find a guest house to stay at.  We were able to locate one at a reasonable price, but the operators did not speak English.  I managed to struggle through our conversations with them.

 We arrived a little to late to get out to anything so we spent the first day seeing what there was to see in Bayeux.  This included the Bayeux tapestry, which is a 70 meter long cloth detailing a story of the Norman conquest of England.  It’s actually kind of neat to see, but they force you to listen to the story three times through.  I guess in France they do their best to focus on the rare victory.

That night we ate food and turned in early.  The following day would have been more full but we had to book our ferry trip to England.  This meant missing the morning buses to the beaches since the agency didn’t open until 0900.  The afternoon would have to be packed full.  We signed up for a tour and made it out around 1pm.  We got to see most of there is to see at Omaha Beach.  It is pretty impressive and interesting.  You can’t help but contemplate and pontificate while there.  Also, it makes you want to use big words.

One of the interesting sites is the German cemetary, which is huge but rarely visited.  It is understandable, but tragic at the same time.

We saw the beach itself, some bunkers, old mine fields, a museum, and the American cemetary.  It is amazing how many foreigners are there to visit these sites and not just Americans, Canadians, and British tourists.

After returning to Bayeux, we made our way to Caen for our night ferry ride across the English Channel.  This ferry ride was even less comfortable than previous rides.  The only note of significance is that I did huck my second disc into the English Channel off the back of the ferry.  I went to sleep knowing that I would wake up in the land of tea, monarchs, and [insert insensitive British stereotype].


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  1. Dave Says:

    Remember: SAATCHI GALLERY and the TATE MODERN. Your trip to London is incomlete without seeing these two.

    BTW, this weekend, my spring league team plays yours. Despite Lindsey’s best efforts, they are 0-for the season. And she won’t be there Saturday, thanks to College Regionals. 😛

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