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It’s Mainz, not yours

I know I’m behind on this.  Hopefully I can get caught up in the next day and a half. 

After a very brief train ride, we were in Mainz, a medium sized German city.  Kyle is studying there at the Max Plank Institute.  He kindly sent his twin brother James Van Der Beek to pick us up from the train station. 

After getting acquanted and acclimated to Kyle’s newly IKEA furnished apartment, we set out to buy food, beer, and lunch.  It should be noted at this time that I neglected to mention that Jay ate gyros as much as possible in Greece.  I believe the official count was seven gyros in the course of five days.  In Mainz, he was determined to soak his body in as much donor as possible because he wouldn’t be able to get one again for a long time.  The final count seven donors in four days.  I enjoyed not quite as many, but reveled in the experience of watching Jay do this to himself.

Our first night there we went out to buy a case of beer for the weekend.  We mixed and matched with a variety of German beers at the grocery store.  The cashier had fun ringing it up.  That night, we went to a bar in Mainz called Sausolitos.  Why you would ever go to another bar in Mainz is beyond me.  It is a Mexican restaurant but all the waitresses are gorgeous and most of patrons are attractive German women.  I would guess that the women outnumber the men in this bar 3:1.  For some reason, we left this bar and went to a German disco.  They played 80’s pop music which was funny, but it was way crowded and annoying.

Now would be a good time to make a generalization about German people.  German people are friendly, happy, and enjoy a good time.  I really enjoyed the people there.  The women are attractive and nice.  If I could speak the language and learned to stop crying all the time I’m sure things would have been more amicable.

 The next day we left early to go to the German wine country on the Rhein.  We sampled many wines and Kyle enjoyed Jay’s fine food.  Wine sampling is a great past time.  You can get drunk for free here if you want.  Combined we purchased nine bottles of wine.  When we got back, we went to a cookout at Kyle’s friend’s place.  Neal is a nice guy and most of the people seemed friendly, but we were very tired and all were German.  We turned in when they went out to the pubs.

Our last day was spent seeing the sights in Mainz.  Most could be ignored, but the cathedral in Mainz is incredible.  The place is enormous and filled with statues.  I was really impressed with the whole asthetic.  That night, we returned to Sausolitos to generate new sins the day before Easter. 

The next day was spent mostly packing, getting a shipment of wine and beer ready to be sent home, and figuring out our plans for Normandy.  Kyle saw us off to the train station and we were on our way on an overnight train to Paris, the City of Brotherly Apple.


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