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What were we thinking?

Our UAB (unaccompanied air baggage) arrived last week. That’s a shipment of stuff we thought we’d like to have before the bulk of our belongings arrive in the “household effects” shipment in a few months. My initial thought was hooray! I opened and unpacked the boxes with glee. But when I was done, I was disappointed. Was that all? Where was my new crossword puzzle book? Why had we put tennis rackets and balls in the UAB? It’s way too hot here to play tennis any later than 7am, and there’s no way we’re playing that early. Where’s my yoga video? No Trader Joe’s ginger granola? Out of our hundreds of books, I didn’t think to include a single novel in the UAB? What were we thinking?

Well, the good news is that we did include some essentials: the cappuccino machine, a few cookbooks and our bicycles. For the rest, we eagerly await our household effects. We may or may not see them by the end of 2006. Cross your fingers!


2 Responses to “What were we thinking?”

  1. dorothy Says:

    Well, the experiment is under way & the postage is local-US-rate, so let me know if you need any novels, crosswords, etc. sent by diplomatic pouch!

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  3. Sophie Says:

    I must be way out of date — all I can think is, “What, no sudoku?” Keep giving us a taste of the heat; it’s a great break from our cold spell here!

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  5. Gatt Maffney Says:

    Sophie, let’s not mention the “s-word” again, OK?

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