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Tico Time

We made it out of Nicaragua, no thanks to the border officials. It’s a highly confusing process for which we actually paid a guide. You get the feeling you need the guide here more than in the jungle. At least in the wild, the animals only want to eat you. If you need to cross the border, ask for Javier. He’s good.

Last night we camped in Parque Nacional Santa Rosa and saw iguanas, parakeets, frogs, howler monkeys, butterflies, and the biggest darned insects you’d ever want to see. They were these semi-cockroach-looking bugs that were as big as my palm. They were friendly, though, unlike the women who worked in the park snack bar. Menu: rice and beans. Want something else? Too bad.

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2 Responses to “Tico Time”

  1. Gatt Maffney Says:

    Dan and Giselle,

    Here’s a tip for traveling in Central America: when you get sick of beans and rice, ask for rice and beans. A little variety for you!

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  3. Krissy Says:

    I’ve been following along fascinated by your travels. Haven’t commented much because all your commentors are very witty. rice and beans lmao…. I’d just like to repeat that you guys are CRAZY. Dan is an excellent travel writer. I want to be that 74 year old woman hiking the volcano, kicking your bottoms with stamina and pictures, pictures please! Yup, bet those are hard to post.

    and Giselle – the back is coming along. I need more sleep and a lot more exercise. Work always seems to interfere though. Most annoying.

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